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Collaboration Is More Than a Sack Race

I was reading an article about non-collaborative senior management teams, and why that is such a problem for professional services firms.  It is so easy for professional services firms to become siloed with all the pressures to build a solid market practice, geographical foothold and turn a profit for the firm.  One of the key…

Grow Your Profits

If you want to grow your profits, I urge you to do 2 things: first, look at how to both distinguish and create a higher value offering. Second, look at how you would change your current offering to highlight only the most valuable areas, minimize or mechanize the low value areas and rid yourself of…

Moments of Change

Pulling It Together For a New Future At times of change all eyes and ears are on the leadership: the clients, your team members, your industry partners and your competitors. There are 8 steps presented in this Orange Paper to help you navigate a changing business landscape and come out intact. [wpdm_file id=1]