• Bright Operations™ has worked with:
    ARB Structures/All Day Electric
    Arthur Metzler & Associates (AMA)
    Berliner & Associates
    Charles Pankow Builders
    Clark Construction
    DPR Construction
    Jones Lang LaSalle
    Lucia Mar Unified School District
    Perkins & Will
    Structural Focus
    Syska Hennessy Group

Change is inevitable. To stay the course with the status quo is comfortable but dangerous, and sometimes fatal in today’s business environment. Taking action to stay in front of the change, to build new offers and teams who quickly embrace new opportunities – generates results, companywide excitement and sometimes surprising innovations.

Bright Operations can help you “operationalize” your goals so you reach them. We can assist in determining what separates you from the pack and how to differentiate your value to your clients. We will help you “step on it” and drive focused actions toward success.

Bright Operations methodology will grow your market share nurture your ambitions and deliver a rich sense of accomplishment. Funny thing about success… afterwards the team players will proclaim “Wow! Look at what we’ve accomplished!” Then what inevitably follows is “Hey, let’s go for it again.”

Changing markets demand

we move
  • faster 
  • In his book, The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything, Stephen M. R. Covey writes that trust is an essential element in business: "When trust goes up, speed goes up while costs come down." Conversely, "When trust goes down, speed goes down and costs come up."
  • smarter.
  • Did you know… An experiment reveals that elephants not only cooperate, but that they understand the logic behind teamwork. Now that's a smart human lesson learned from the animal kingdom!



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Under performing units - no one wants to be part of a losing team

We have all seen the frustrated CEO warning a business unit that they need to improve. At Bright Operations, we believe that if people knew what to do they would be doing it - no one likes being on a losing team. When the doldrums hit most people start working harder and longer at doing what they have always done. Unfortunately, they'll most likely produce the same lack luster results. Bright Operations audits underperforming business units first by listening. We listen to team members, CEOs and Clients alike to discover the real issues that exist. Then we work to address them. We give them permission and a process to confront what had been preventing their desired outcomes and incomes.

Developing a shared vision and strategy with your team

When people are a part of advancing a new vision and strategy they become engaged and instrumental in achieving it. Bright Operations can work with you to plan for and facilitate highly inspired meetings to capture the interest and involvement of the team and, importantly, the strategy, initiatives and operational tactics to go after your vision and get it!

Leveraging Your Team for Real Power

Eight independent contributors sitting together in regular meetings does not make a leadership team. It is not about communicating what you are doing to seven of your peers, it is about working together toward greatness. Bright Operations builds a team's leadership muscle by focusing on key processes; leverage points, collective vision, transparency, and accountability. You want results? Let's get the team rowing in the same direction - towards the goals they establish. When you are on a team that's harnessing it's capabilities - that's real power and the results are often a huge ROI.


The time is NOW to know and pursue ways to best harness the untapped potential in your firm. That is what we do – we are a fresh set of eyes when you are too close to a situation. First we shift paralyzing conversations of the past to the possibilities of the future. Then we go to work; it’s rewarding and it’s a blast. If you want to get there and do the work, we will be wildly successful together.


Bright Operations is a business growth accelerator for results driven CEOs. The Bright Operations model of augmenting teams to achieve greater profits was developed after Ann Banning-Wright, the founding partner, saw a need to help time-starved CEOs and C-Suites achieve greater success for their teams and their firms. Together we create methodologies that will help you accelerate your company’s market share, nurture individual and company ambitions and achieve a rich sense of accomplishment.