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Changing at the Speed of Light

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At Christmas this past year, my son Steven and dear Anna (his girlfriend) gave books to everyone based on their interests. I received “Thank you for being late – The Optimists Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations” by Thomas Friedman, the NY Times reporter and editorialist and author of the book “The World…

Leadership: Get on the Same Page

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One of the things my clients hire me to do is to help them facilitate leadership retreats and assist with the most important element – the conclusion of the retreat and the agreements reached.  You know how much work goes into pulling together a team of firm leaders, fine-tuning the agenda, and then running the…

Collaboration Is More Than a Sack Race

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I was reading an article about non-collaborative senior management teams, and why that is such a problem for professional services firms.  It is so easy for professional services firms to become siloed with all the pressures to build a solid market practice, geographical foothold and turn a profit for the firm.  One of the key…

Drive a Win-Win Sale

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When it comes down to it, your customers are looking at your firm and at your competitors when deciding who wins the contract.  So why should they pick you?  What makes you so special to them?  The person in charge of making purchasing decisions is asking for “more”.   I was reading an article that really…

The Payoff of Data Mining

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How do you determine your firm’s direction?  You look at client needs and alter strategies based on the changing business landscape.  However, in an article in MIT Sloan Management Review by Michael Schrage, (Winter 2015) he challenges organizations and leaders to Embrace Your Ignorance.  If you think you know your client and know what your…

Fostering Innovation

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I don’t know of one organization that doesn’t use the word “innovators” when they describe themselves or what they strive to be.  As a matter of fact, the word is so overused; it has sort of lost its luster.  Clients today don’t want to hear how innovative a company is, they want to see that…

Google That!

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Turn an engineer into a good manager. Yes, it can be done!