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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Engage the Youngin’s

Reading yet another article in Harvard Business Review Jan/Feb (such a great issue) called “Spotlight on Business Model Innovation” says “30% of participants in any strategy discussion should be younger than 30, because they are not wedded to the past”. Wow that is a really powerful thing to be thinking about and something to embrace.…


What is the Optimal Size for a Decision Making Group?

The answer is 7 and each additional member reduces effectiveness by 10% or so says authors Blenko, Mankins and Rogers in their book Decide and Deliver. Doesn’t hold much hope for large groups with that level of diminishment!


Think – a luxury of the past?

Reading an article in the Jan/Feb Harvard Business Review called “Reinvent your Business Before It’s Too Late” – a good article by Paul Nunes and Tim Breene. One of the highlighted quotes that has me really thinking: “One sign that a company is investing enough in talent: Employees have time to think on the job”.…