Seeking Potential

Men Shaking Hands MedRecruitment practices have changed so drastically over the last few years, and social media outlets like LinkedIn have been both praised and cursed by recruiters and job seekers alike.  In the past few decades, organizations focused on “competencies” in hiring and developing talent.  Markets today are too volatile and complex and the market for top talent is way too tight for that model to work any longer.   Recruiters today are focusing less on “skills” and more on “potential” and the ability to adapt to ever-changing business environments.  They need talent that can grow into challenging new roles.  According to an article in Harvard Business Review (21st Century Talent Spotting, June 2014) there are five key indicators they are looking at the right candidate:  the right motivation, curiosity, insight, engagement, and determination.  Once they land the right person, they have to help the best get better with smart retention and stretch assignments.  This applies to all talent levels from junior management to the C-suite and the board!  Helping people reach their potential is one of my favorite things to do. Think differently about the people equation in your business.  Develop a pipeline of future leaders and stay ahead of what is predicted to be a very tough employment market for companies.  Take a look at an earlier blog about a new hire’s first 90 days Who’s The New Gal?

Ann Banning - Wright