What Does Your Office Say About You?

ManWithPicassoMedIs your work area cluttered or clean?  Organized or a pig pen?  Did you know that your office décor sends the signal of professional or unprofessional?  I thought this was hilarious. Research subjects suggested that unprofessional offices contain nearly twice the proportion of holiday decorations and other “personal symbols.”  That being said, an acquaintance recently told the story of a temp job she was working on where her boss literally had nothing on his desk except his computer.  No other office tools (that normally populate desk space), no inbox or any other typical office items were part of his desk or office.   The phenomenon made her feel strangely uncomfortable.  On the other hand too much “you” can be distracting to both you and guests to your workspace.  So ditch some of the golf foursome photos, update your photos and don’t just add to them, and downsize the knickknacks.  Look in to see what your space is saying about you today.  I can admit that typically it involves some clean up.  Yeah, there’s that darn stapler out on my desk again! 

Ann Banning - Wright