The Sales Gene

Small Pulling Out BrainSome people are just naturally good salespeople.  Why is that?  Well, it may be that they have a particular gene that is responsible for that talent.   I had never thought about genetics’ role in being a good business developer but sure enough I read an article that stated that the 7R allel of the DRD4 gene is associated with “customer orientation.” In other words, it allows those with the gene to have a willingness to interact with customers and learn about their problems in order to meet their needs. BINGO.  In that same study, led by Richard P. Bagozzi of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, the team found that the A1 variant of the DRD2 gene, sometimes makes people cognitively inflexible, that is they tend to try to persuade customers to buy a given product rather than listen to their needs.  UGG!  We know in this day and age the ability to listen to clients and understand their needs is HUGE.  Now I am curious about what gene controls buying decisions! Crazy huh!

Ann Banning - Wright