Go Direct

EmployeeMoral CopyIf you are thinking of solving a problem in an organization, beware the blanket solution that puts a new procedure in place because a few outliers cannot be confronted.   Here’s what I mean by this.  Recall the person who comes to the office in an inappropriate outfit and rather than speak to the person, a memo is dispatched reminding people of the more relaxed dress code or ridding it all together? Or the unique schedules that offer freedom to many that are discontinued because a few people don’t come to work on time.  Change is tough so avoid needless changes by honing a more authentic and direct communication.  I was reading in Strategy +Business and they say to avoid the broad spectrum applications when tweaking a few elements with finesse and sensitivity can lower the pain and raise the game.” Save your change chits for when it matters.”   How true!

Ann Banning - Wright