What Good Is It If Nobody Knows About It?

“Our firm has done some stellar, world-class, high performance projects!”.  I hear this from nearly every firm I work with.  Then comes the “but, unfortunately, we just don’t get our act together and get the word out about them.  We are the best kept secret ever!”  Some firms know how to leverage the greatness of their efforts, while others struggle to even tout that they have certain capabilities or market expertise.  Public relations and marketing dollars were hard hit during the last few years, even among the “big dogs”.

Firms instead turned to putting exorbitant amounts of money into chasing projects rather than “selling” their capabilities and expertise on the open market, and getting that information directly into the hands of their client.  Moreover, internal team members couldn’t even talk about the distinctions of a project or client solution because they didn’t know about them. That flow of information is invaluable, yet underfunded or no longer funded at all in many organizations!  And so I wonder, have we thrown away a key tool that helps to position us as part of dynamic, winning teams based on a reputation for the latest innovations and expertise that were brought to the client’s table?   If your firm is doing great things, what are you doing to get the word out both internally and externally?

Ann Banning - Wright